Can Astral Projection Be Used To Explore The Galaxy, Find Intelligent Life?

It has been reported recently that water has finally been confirmed in Mars. This has changed the game when it comes to the possibility of life on other planets, which it turns out, may be much closer to us than we first thought. But there is still no evidence of life yet, and if there will be, we are not sure if it is intelligent life. Many believe they are out there, but how do we explore the galaxy to actually find out and make contact? Astral projection may be the key.

Astral projection and its capabilities

Astral projection is the ability to project one’s astral body out of the physical body, and explore the world, whether the physical world, or the astral plane. When exploring the physical world, one can travel miles and miles from their physical body, and observe their surroundings as if they were actually there. When projecting to the astral plane, the person can explore the different astral worlds and interact with the different astral beings and denizens.

It is a skill that takes time to learn, but definitely can be learned by anyone willing to put the time and effort in! It is safe, even if there are times that it can be quite scary.

So how can astral projection be a potential tool in finding life out there? Is it actually possible at all to astral project to space?

The answer, is YES.
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Exploring space

Many astral projection practitioners have been able to explore at least a part of the immediate outer space surrounding our planet, from the edge of our atmosphere, to the moon, to the nearby planets. Many have claimed to have seen Earth from where the satellites orbit, as well as explored the mountains and valleys of planets like Mars. How is this possible?

Outer space is technically still on the physical realm, and as such subject to exploration via astral projection. But because outer space is vast beyond imagining, the distance travelled by astral projectors will vary depending on their focus and skill. Leading astral projection figures, Robert Bruce and Robert Monroe, both claimed to have astral projected deep into space, seeing the celestial bodies that are part of our solar system. Of course, it is very difficult to concretely confirm whether or not what they are able to see is actually in the physical realm, or simply a manifestation in the astral realm, because scientific instruments are not yet that advanced to accurately visually observe what astral projections see in detail.

But if planets and stars can be explored via astral projection, could the same skill be used to search intelligent life?

It is definitely possible, although it will take a lot of skill in astral projection, and requires great acuity in sensing other life energies. In theory, intelligent life will have similar energies us humans have, energies that can be sensed by higher level astral projection. So in order to find intelligent life out there, not only will the astral body need to hone in on planets that may have potential for life, but then also need to sense life energies there.

Astral projection could be the key to find intelligent life out there. While science is looking up with scopes and sensing signals with antennas, astral projectors can do astral travel to search. So get your astral projection skills up!

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