Astral Projection using Binaural Beats

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Astral Projection or O.B.E. (Out of Body Experience) is a fantastic and absolutely humbling experience. This is different from Lucid Dreaming, which a lot of people mistakingly take one for the other. While lucid dreaming simply means that you are able to take control and is aware during a dream, astral projection is an entirely different arena.

To simplify what astral projection is, it is the essence of your spirit— or energy form— leaving your physical body. Many fear this concept with the misconception that if this happens there is the probability that our spirit will never return to the body. That is a big fallacy.

Our spirit will always come back to our body, our vessel. We are energy forms experiencing the physical aspects of what Life has to offer. So as you lay yourself down or sit comfortably, focus on your breathing and let cluttered thoughts pass through and not linger in your mind until all you are aware of is the dark void and your breathing. Once you start to feel the relaxation, repeat this phrase:
"Mind awake, body asleep."

The important things to remember when you attempt to do an O.B.E. are to relax and let go of fear. Fear creates the demons that we manifest only in our imagination. If you allow fear to take over, you are basically creating your own monsters. There will be many different things you will see or experience during your first attempts at astral projection. Based on my own experience, you might see a hazy, cloudy vortex spinning at the center of the void. I've seen smoky faces come in and out during my sessions, and it's nice to just think of them as the guardians who are watching over my practices.

One of the common things that people experience during the start of the astral training is the tingling of the body. You might feel gentle waves flowing through you, from the toes to your scalp. Or you could feel your body going numb or heavy. This is your physical form telling you that it is relaxed. So just go with it, and let everything flow without worry or concern. If you feel a part of your body getting itchy, simply focus on that part and tell it to cease. And one of the things that you might experience is the sensation of floating. Floating on water or air, it doesn't matter.

Astral Projection can be achieved best when it is practiced on a daily basis. Meditation does play a big part in achieving an out-of-body experience, and do not worry if you are unable to do an O.B.E. on the first try. For some it takes only a few days or weeks, others could be months or years. 

In the video below, we created this long binaural beat with relaxing music ideal for meditation sessions or while you sleep at night. Your body will need to go through different levels of sleep spindles before your mind opens up for potential astral travel. Make sure that the volume is set at a comfortable low setting, as the frequencies used in this music track shoots up at intervals. These are markers that will hopefully aid your brain state to achieve astral projection. 

Relax, breathe deeply, and set your intentions towards positivity, love & light. For the best astral projection experience, we advise you to do more research first about what to expect during astral projection before you proceed to listen to our music. There is nothing to fear about astral projection, or lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis. We advise you to clear your chakras, be knowledgeable about what could be expected when lucid dreaming or astral projecting, and just enjoy the ride!


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