5 Common Nightmares And Their Meanings

Nightmares are terrifying experiences that can lead to everything from slight trauma to outright fear of sleeping. But nightmares aren’t just horrible dreams that only serve to scare us bring dread. Nightmares can also be useful tools to analyze what our subconscious is telling us we need in our lives, like what we need to work on to improve, what we need to finish or finalize to move forward, and so on.

Here are some of the most common nightmares and what they mean.


  1. Dying – one of the most terrifying nightmares, which often jerks a dreamer awake. Oftentimes vivid dreams of death can sear themselves in the psyche of the dreamer, and give a glimpse at what true death will feel, just at that last moment before the life is truly cut.  But death is not necessarily a bad sign. Because nightmares involving death can represent rebirth, or the coming of a new chapter of your life. As well, nightmares that involve graves or tombs may represent a part of yourself that has been lost, or stopped, that you may need to revitalize in order to make your life more meaningful. This may be a passion that has been stopped due to work, or a long lost connection with a friend that you may need to revive.
  2. Being trapped, caged, or stuck – especially terrifying for those who have claustrophobia, nightmares that involve being bound and captured, caged like an animal, or being trapped and stuck in things like quicksand or vines, can make the dreamer feel helpless and not in control. This is a reflection of a real-life situation of being stuck, whether it be in the career, a relationship, or in an existing situation where you feel like the dreamer has no power or influence. When recurring dreams like this happen, it may be time to reassess your relationships, career, or current situation in life.
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  1. Getting lost – nightmares that start of as a nice dream of journey and exploration and end up being lost and confused, and feeling the fears associated with them, are often a sign of anxiety, confusion, frustration, and a feeling of rejection. These may be caused by perhaps a new venture or job, failing at making relationships or friends, or any situation where the dreamer is starting anew somewhere.
  2. Losing teeth – this nightmare is mostly if not always an unsettling experience. It is often accompanied by feelings of dread and fear and loss of confidence and capability. The teeth are symbolic of our ability to live (using teeth to eat our food) and be beautiful (our smile), and when teeth fall out it means the dreamer feels like losing both. When the dreamer tries to gather the falling teeth and return it in the mouth, it is symbolic of exerting effort to repair what they feel they are starting to lose in order to regain confidence and the ability to live or survive.
  3. Being chased – nightmares that involve being chased is symbolic of the dreamer escaping or running away from things that need attention, often represented by the things chasing the dreamer. It can be anything from a mob of people, to wild animals, and even aliens and ghosts and monsters. It is said that sometimes the dreamer will have a good idea what needs to be addressed as soon as they wake up even if they didn’t know prior what the chasers are representing.


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