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Hello, and welcome to our official Brainwave Power Music website! 

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What kind of music do we make? We've created one of the best Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones music tracks for relaxation, meditation, pain relief, healing, chakra activation, sleep, lucid dreaming, astral projection, study or work aids, energy boosters, and more! We make original music with carefully plotted binaural beat and isochronic frequency formulas with ambient soundscapes to give you a better brainwave entrainment experience.

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What does awakening really mean3

What Does a Spiritual Awakening Really Mean? 

There are many beings among us experiencing the journey of a spiritual awakening. Those who are awake are the ones that want to be awake in this moment to enjoy watching the journey unfold, step by step, as we all begin to blend. 
This beautiful unfolding of the minds around us as, as we seek, one by one, to understand more about how it works in the non-physical.  As humans, we tend to separate ourselves from our inner beings as we journey along our path of enlightenment but really, it is already there…

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What Kind of Foods Can Help Increase Lucid Dreams? 



For those of us who enjoy the excitement of lucid dreaming, there are a few ways to enhance such experience through foods and supplements. By eating the right foods and getting the right vitamins it allows our bodies to reach REM sleep. By reaching this deeper sleep we can see our dreams more vividly and use them in our favor. 
Vitamin B6 
The body only needs 100mg per day of B6, which is found in the foods we eat.  However, a study in 2002 showed that those who took a daily 250mg B6 supplement had…

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Spiritual consciousness

What is Spiritual Consciousness?



We are all conscious beings and have the ability to grow this consciousness or allow it to remain dormant, never unlocking our full potential. We are powerful beings with unlimited potential, and if we allow ourselves we can tap into this as we grow spiritually. 
Although it is just a guide, there are seven different levels of consciousness, which we can all reach but many only experiences the first three. These are; The stake of waking consciously, deep sleep and dreaming. Every human being experiences…

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Higher self 01

What Is The "Higher Self"?


We're sure you've heard the term 'higher self' at some point of your online browsing encounters, and we are sure some of you have stopped to wonder what that specifically meant. As we engage into the more metaphysical part of human existence to convey this topic, we encourage you to allow your mind and heart to open more.  

We all have 'lower selves' and 'higher selves'. Our lower self is usually referred to as the ego, it is the left side of the brain that works from the 'I' premise. The higher self is our…

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The importance of grounding meditation

The Importance of Grounding Meditation 


Grounding yourself is a very important technique, which we should all learn about before we decide to start meditating. By doing this, we will grow and develop in a more healthy way. If we continue without grounding ourselves, we can experience uneasiness, restlessness and a state of being uncomfortable. As we grow spiritually, grounding is so important as we work with various energies. Grounding can make a big difference in our lives including the following: 

•          It brings strength 

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