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Hello, and welcome to our official Brainwave Power Music website! 

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What kind of music do we make? We've created one of the best Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones music tracks for relaxation, meditation, pain relief, healing, chakra activation, sleep, lucid dreaming, astral projection, study or work aids, energy boosters, and more! We make original music with carefully plotted binaural beat and isochronic frequency formulas with ambient soundscapes to give you a better brainwave entrainment experience.

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How we can meditating during lucid dreams

How Can We Meditate Whilst in a Lucid Dream?


There are many benefits to meditation itself but what about meditating when we are lucid dreaming? Many say that by doing this, it opens up the mind even more than it would if one was awake and meditating, and many people have had extraordinary experiences with being aware that they are meditating in a dream. By doing this we are opening up to the higher realms and receiving messages and guidances from the high places within and around us. 
Practicing the steps 
Grasping the idea of lucid dreaming can…

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Can we change our past and heal our minds

Can We Change Our Past and Heal Our Minds?


We all have a unique upbringing which makes us who we are today. We have had certain experiences that we have learned from and been brought up by very specific individuals that have encouraged us to grow into the people that we are today. For some, there was nothing but wonderful memories to gaze upon but others have very different stories. We have all gone through challenges, it is why we came into these physical bodies, but how are we letting them affect us and can we change our outlook on something? 

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Is day dreaming more beneficial than living in reality

Is Day Dreaming More Beneficial Than Living In Reality?


First of all, let's look at reality. What is it? What do you see around you? Perhaps you see people in cars driving around, perhaps you see a garden of flowers, perhaps you see children playing or perhaps you see your own television. What are all these things that you see? Reality? 
What is Reality
Yes, this is Reality you see. Everything around you is reality but look deeper. What is reality? Reality is something that someone has thought about long enough in order for it to become something. The…

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The mindful journey of becoming spiritually awakened

The Mindful Journey of Becoming Spiritually Awakened


We are going through a time where people are slowly starting to wake up spiritually and become aware of who they are and how powerful they are. This is an amazing time to be alive. People have very different experiences when going through such a journey, some are physical and some are mindful. It is the mindful experiences that we shall explore here. 
A shift in perspective 
When going through such a journey we start to become more of an observer. We observe other people and feel empathy and compassion…

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How does other peoples energy affect us2

How Does Other People’s Energy Affect Us?


The more we begin to notice other people's energy, the more we slowly start to choose who we wish to spend our time with. Our time is very precious to us, some of us are very busy and find it tough to fit people in whilst others find time to surround themselves every day with certain people. When we do meet others it feels great to walk away feeling happy and inspired and generally good about ourselves. We do not want to walk away feeling defensive or agitated or questioning ourselves. 
We are all very…

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